Out of Order 1 aftermath

2012-10-02 18:46:14 by kmau

Hey Newgrounds,
it's been a while now since I submitted my first animation and first of all I have to thank all of you for your support and the Daily Feature. Without this exposition it wouldn't have been possible for me to gather so much information about what areas of motion design and storytelling I have to improve in. I cannot answer every single review, but you can be sure I read all of them. I also hope the project helped my contributors to grow in their profession and in getting their names out there a bit more.

What's next:
It's hard to give a specific date for Out of Order 2 but it will certainly be made. Right now I have reallife stuff to take care of but the work goes on in my mind. The plot is already finished and all I have to do before starting to animate is to lay out the scenes and adjust the pacing.
I pointed out several times (In my movie and illustration descriptions) that I exclusively worked with a mouse until my graduation. Now I finally got off my butt and bought a tablet, so I'm currently getting used to it while also learning to use Paint Tool SAI. The pic below is just a little practice, I already have something with way better shading in the pipes so you can expect some illustrations that actually have real backgrounds for a change.

Out of Order 1 aftermath


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2012-10-03 00:10:55

First one was really good :)
Only problem was I thought the girl's voice acting was worse than all the others, but then again I guess it did work if you were trying to make her sound really nervous or scared.

kmau responds:

Yeah I already got alot of feedback on that matter.


2012-10-03 20:11:34

Looking foward to it! I'm a real fan of your art style!

kmau responds:

Glad to hear!


2012-10-14 15:33:28

Sweet dude!