2016-03-26 06:48:26 by kmau

Hiho! Quick update on Project: Out of Order.

Character designs for most important characters are done so I moved on to storyboarding! Some early examples can be found here:


2015 summary

2015-12-22 16:46:05 by kmau

Hey folks, quick update!

So I got a new PC in 2015 and it's awesome and powerful enough to carry my dreams.. but it broke. Twice. The two big illustrations I started this year are still WIPs and instead I mostly did concepts and writing for my project on my old faithful laptop, hence the lack of uploads this year.

I still got alot of stuff done so 2015 wasn’t that bad overall, just damn fast.. I mean seriously, my calendar was set to october until yesterday! 2016 will hopefully be the year of storyboards, so that’ll produce some uploadable snippets at least. Happy holidays!



Out of Order status update

2014-03-10 16:14:19 by kmau

Hey folks,

one year flew by already so an update on my project is long overdue! Alot has changed for me IRL so naturally there hasn't been much time to create something presentable safe for illustrations and concept art. I should at least keep those who care up do date on Out of Order:

I learned alot in 2013, probably more than ever in a single year that I applied to my art as well as my writing. The OoO design document accumulated alot of new pages, the story as well as the characters evolved and are alot more fleshed-out now compared to the time I released episode 1. Looking back at it I came to the conclusion that while the overall content of episode 1 stayed the same in the script, I will have to start from the beginning again; from different perspectives, different plot points and so on, no matter how the next installment turns out.

The good side of this is that it will not be drawn in flash with a mouse (which equals drawing with a bar of soap). It won't be out tomorrow morning though since I also have to get a new computer that does the job, so please bear with me. My passion and love flow into this and I work on Senry's story every day.

See you around!



On another note I'm currently animating for a videogame. Who would've guessed?



Artistic progress, Out of Order 2 and misc.

2013-03-25 09:54:36 by kmau

Hey guys, I thought I might as well hand in a status report since I haven't made a news post for some time! Several things have kept me from getting shit done until now, like moving into my own apartment with my girlfriend, assembling swedish furniture.. and so on, hence nothing really happened animation-wise. I've been quite busy in the Art Portal however because I randomly decided I needed to improve 500 times again. You can see the results of this here: Style and color study one two threeHead consistency challenge

For anyone seeking to improve his or her art my only advice is do not be intimidated by new things. Don't be intimidated by stuff you've never drawn before, digital painting, animation. Just look how others do it and do it yourself. If you don't get the results you want do it again. All the art you create until you are happy with yourself are stepping stones you'll have fun looking back to even if they make you cringe just by looking at them. ...oh and listen to Jazz, because Jazz.


Regarding Out of Order 2: Like mentioned above I didn't really have much time for animation in early 2013 but now I'm slowly crawling back onto my chair and begin working on OoO2 again. Since OoO1 had a tight deadline I didn't feel very satisfied with it, so I started pre-production on OoO2 with alot of doodling and revamping (aka drawing more deformed people), some examples here:Misc. sketchesSenry revamp sketches

Now there's no deadlines and no pressure. With procrastination as my only enemy I can finally put as much time, love and effort into Out of Order as I wanted to in part 1. It will take me longer to complete part 2, but it will be as good as I can make it, not as good as the deadline allows. Somewhere along the road I'll get a new computer so that'll make things easier and there will eventually be voice castings for some old and new characters! I also constantly scour for sweet jazzy pieces in the Audio Portal.

That's all I have to say about OoO2 for now, Senry and Bro shall continue to run into weird people.


Other stuff: I recently joined an indie developer as concept artist, all-over-the-place designer and overworld designer. Can't tell much yet since we work on the demo right now. It's going to be a 2D Jump'n run that is inspired by many classics but also has some hopefully innovative features of its own.


That's it for now, read you all somewhere around this place!

Out of Order 1 aftermath

2012-10-02 18:46:14 by kmau

Hey Newgrounds,
it's been a while now since I submitted my first animation and first of all I have to thank all of you for your support and the Daily Feature. Without this exposition it wouldn't have been possible for me to gather so much information about what areas of motion design and storytelling I have to improve in. I cannot answer every single review, but you can be sure I read all of them. I also hope the project helped my contributors to grow in their profession and in getting their names out there a bit more.

What's next:
It's hard to give a specific date for Out of Order 2 but it will certainly be made. Right now I have reallife stuff to take care of but the work goes on in my mind. The plot is already finished and all I have to do before starting to animate is to lay out the scenes and adjust the pacing.
I pointed out several times (In my movie and illustration descriptions) that I exclusively worked with a mouse until my graduation. Now I finally got off my butt and bought a tablet, so I'm currently getting used to it while also learning to use Paint Tool SAI. The pic below is just a little practice, I already have something with way better shading in the pipes so you can expect some illustrations that actually have real backgrounds for a change.

Out of Order 1 aftermath

Out of Order 1 now online

2012-09-17 14:27:27 by kmau

Clerk dis:

Out of Order 1 on Newgounds

Out of Order 1 now online

Thesis movie done!

2012-09-09 14:53:28 by kmau

Phew.. Out of Order is done. I really look forward to read and hear all the constructive criticism! (No really, I do) Now all I gotta do is prepare my presentation and exhibition booth at college. (I'll take some pics later this week) I don't know the day I'm gonna upload the movie to the internet yet but it'll hopefully be in what's left of september. Oh and I updated the movie poster.
Do you know how good it feels to come home and just procrastinate?

That's it for now, I'll leave you with this facial expression:

Thesis movie done!

Voice actor search Update (auditions ended)

2012-07-28 13:42:52 by kmau

Hey there,

thanks to everyone who sent me their audition/demo reel, it's really fun hearing all these different voices and interpretations! I received alot of auditions so I still need 1-2 days to sort through some of them. Once I talked to whoever I choose for a certain role I'll edit that persons' name into the lower part of this news post.

Audition for the character Senry is still open! Like the other roles I can pay you via paypal.
(you know the male/female ratio with voice actors)


Character description:
Senry - A smart young girl who finds herself in an unknown environment. Because of this she appears a bit insecure since she is unfamiliar with her surroundings.
Her voice still doesn't sound weak and quiet despite her being completely lost. In other words she's a very strong minded girl but her surroundings dampen her attitude a bit.

Audition lines:
(surprised / startled) " ..what are you, a blue gorilla?"
(insecure) "I.. don't think it can fly anymore.. "
(questioning someones sanity) "Why cat food?"

Please mail me your auditions (, upload the files to mediafire or send me your demo reel via PM if you are interested!


Male voice roles:

Bro: camaloni
Madhat 1: KneeGrowPleas
Madhat 3: camaloni

Voice actor search Update (auditions ended)

Voice actors needed (possibly paid)

2012-07-24 10:09:30 by kmau

Well, the time has come! Long story short, I need talented voice actors for my thesis movie Out of Order!
I can pay via paypal although I have no idea of what prices would be appropriate, especially since some characters just have a few lines. This is my first time looking for voice actors so please give me feedback on what additional information I could provide etc. !

-> Auditions for all characters except Senry end on Friday the 27th! <-

Edit: This is a non-commercial thesis project of course!


Short story overview:
The story takes place in a chess-themed city where every dispute used to be resolved through chess matches to avoid physical violence. Since this system was very abusable it eventually led to a civil war that left the whole city in ruins.

The plot starts after the destruction of the city where Bro, a young large man who witnessed the downfall of his society has tried to escape the city borders numerous times. Just as he realizes he has no perspectives left, a shuttle falls out of the sky and crashes nearby. "If people can get in like this I should be able to get out the same way.. ", he says to himself and ventures off to the crashsite. He eventually meets the sole survivor of the crash, a young girl named Senry who desperately needs some help escaping the insane denizens of the ruined city..


I need voices for the following characters (full-resolution char ref here) :

Senry - A smart young girl who finds herself in an unknown environment. Because of this her voice is insecure (but not naive) because of how unfamiliar she is with her surroundings. Sounds.. well, like a teenage girl.
This character doesn't have much dialogue but still more than 5 lines.
Audition lines:
(scared) "Uuh.. what are you, a blue gorilla?"
(insecure) "I.. don't think it can fly anymore.. "

Bro - A sort of large gorilla-shaped man with a deep calm rough scratchy voice (that's alot of adjectives) who sounds exhausted from life most of the time but will get very enthusiastic towards the end as new perspectives open up to him.
This character has the most dialogue since he also narrates the beginning of the movie.
Audition lines:
(calm, unmotivated) "I have failed to escape this city a million times.. and now there's only one road left to try."
(fast, enthusiastic) "Are you from the shuttle?! Can it fly?!"

Madhat 1 - A tall man with a comically high pitched voice who gets angry really fast, much like a small angry chihuahua.
This character has roughly 2-4 lines of dialogue.
Audition lines:
(angry) "I foun' it first! Givit back!"

Madhat 2 - "Meh.. " That pretty much sums up this character. His voice is that of a middle-aged bored man who just doesn't care.
This character only has one word (see below).
Audition lines:
(bored, unmotivated) " ..nah... "

Madhat 3 - A very materialistic man with a rough deep voice who also has an anger problem. Unfortunately he has a modified Tommy Gun to vent this anger.
This character has 3-6 lines of dialogue and some angry yelling.
Audition lines:
(threatening) "Now hold still while we loot your.. ..aeronautical propulsion device!"


-> Auditions for all characters except Senry end on Friday the 27th! <-

Please send me your voice demos or audition lines (and maybe what you think I should pay you) if you are interested. I'm looking forward to your responses!


Fake movie poster
Full Resolution character ref

Voice actors needed (possibly paid)

Why do we tell stories?

2012-06-14 13:24:42 by kmau

So today three teachers from my college scanned across everything I had for my thesis movie so far. One of them eventually asked me why I choose to do this. I answered how I want to challenge myself in storytelling and animating, but then I realized this isn't what he meant at all.

Why do I want to tell this story? I had no clue.

Creating settings, characters, stories is so second nature to me that I honestly can't say why I do this. What's more, I don't even know why I want to tell this particular story and that's basically what he wanted to know. Maybe he expected some deep meaning behind the plot that challenges conventional thinking and the like, but I'm just not like that.I don't want to create a story around some deep meaning because I want people to interpret it differently and possibly read too much into things. It's more fun than defining one big meaning behind all things.

How do you call this? I don't know. Not everything should involve some deep artsi meaning but when I finally present my thesis I can't just say: "Loo' a made a moveh." I will have to justify my nature.

Why do we tell stories?