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Totally forgot these were a thing back then! Takes me way back, hearing that old Newgrounds background music.

Oooooh wow that style fit the prehistoric setting perfectly! I love how art direction and sound design come together to exaggerate emotions and moods in a seemingly primitive, but ultimately brutal and honest way. Whatever your strange vision for this was, you definitely accomplished it.

The only real criticism that comes to mind right now is that you held the pretty-eye-stare shots a wee bit too long (imo), but other than that: Loud and emotional, 5/5, nothing more to add.

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Nice work! I love how the prominent beat is kept as a constant while the song is evolving.

putzpie responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it. I kept noticing different samples that worked well together with the others I was already using so it provided for some interesting combinations

One of the greatest jazz pieces I've come across in the audio portal. It reminds me of a few old videogame music composers who loved to mix an organ into their work.

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These wordless pages are probably my favorites out of your whole webcomic, just because they can tell a plethora of things without a single letter. Also great work on the composition!

Morthagg responds:

Yeah, I like doing the wordless comics. It makes me play more with the composition and general feel, I think. Thanks!

I have no words for how flawless the composition is. That umbrella.

Woo I don't know what to say. Karen and Senry look amazing in your style! Composition and background are great and their reflections on the ground are mind-blowing.
You've really outdone yourself, thanks a lot!

RYKEO responds:

Awesome! Thanks kmau,i tried out some new things with this fanart and i thought what better way but to draw some of my favorite characters.

I'm currently a 2D character artist & animator in the videogame industry and work on my own stories in my spare time!

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